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  • A Substantial Debt Write Off
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  • No Upfront Set Up Fees
  • Stop All Contact From Creditors

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Reduce Debts By Upto 85%

Pay As Little As £60 A Month

Reduce And Freeze Intrest

Stop Contact Form Creditors

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Regain Control Of Finances

Consolidate All Of Your Debts

What is Debt Management Plan?

A debt management programme is a new repayment plan thats specially designed to reduce your monthly debt payments and get you out of debt as fast as you can realistically afford. We can provide you with letter templates to be able to contact your creditors directly yourself or we can point you in the direction of a free service that will provide you with this service for free.

How can I apply?

If you wish to apply for a DMP, you just have to fill in the provided form with some personal and debt-related details. Following your submission of the form, you will receive a call from an advisor in order to receive free advice regarding your problem and discuss further details.

Am I eligible for a DMP?

If you are struggling with your unsecured debt repayments, such as those towards credit cards, personal loans, store credit, overdrafts, catalogue debt, utility arrears, you might be eligible to enter a DMP, regardless of the number of your debts.

How does a debt management plan work?

If you are dealing with multiple lenders, you might have faced the difficulty of dealing with many different payments, with their specific amounts, due dates and conditions. By entering a DMP, this aspect will be taken care of. You will no longer have to go through the hassle of multiple monthly payments, as you will be only paying a single monthly contribution to the Debt Management Company, which, then, takes care that the money go to each of your lenders.

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